Over 60 Guests

We’ve passed 60 guests in the Godalming area that we have been told about. It is important that we know numbers as some of our partners want to offer support and they need to know what they are committing to. If you haven’t told us about your guests, please fill out the form.

Waverley is top!

Waverley has the highest number of Ukrainians arrived in England per 1000 population. In Godalming, we already have at least 44 people in 20 homes. They are settling in well, enjoying the English classes and starting to live normal lives. There is still a huge need so we encourage anyone else who has space to read the sponsorship pages.

Support for Trauma

We have now received the website details for the professional support that is on offer to our guests (and their hosts for related reasons). Please take a look at https://www.psyhelpworld.com/ and get in touch if your guests are in need of support.