We need more rooms!

Ukrainians are still fleeing the war in Ukraine. Our group have allocated all of the rooms that we had available – we need more space. Please take a look at the how to sponsor page If you filled out the form on gov.uk in March, the only way that you will be contacted for a match is through the local […]

Double Milestone

We have hit 2 important milestones. Firstly, we now know of over 100 Ukrainians in the town or with flights booked. Secondly, we have now matched our final home. If you were considering offering your home, please fill out the form. If you have questions on the hosting process, please email us

Desperately short of rooms

We’re having to turn away a large number of guests as we don’t have space for them. In the past, this was groups or large families but now we are turning away single guests as we don’t have enough space. If you know of anyone who is considering hosting a guest, could you ask them to take a look at […]

Over 60 Guests

We’ve passed 60 guests in the Godalming area that we have been told about. It is important that we know numbers as some of our partners want to offer support and they need to know what they are committing to. If you haven’t told us about your guests, please fill out the form.

Waverley is top!

Waverley has the highest number of Ukrainians arrived in England per 1000 population. In Godalming, we already have at least 44 people in 20 homes. They are settling in well, enjoying the English classes and starting to live normal lives. There is still a huge need so we encourage anyone else who has space to read the sponsorship pages.

Support for Trauma

We have now received the website details for the professional support that is on offer to our guests (and their hosts for related reasons). Please take a look at https://www.psyhelpworld.com/ and get in touch if your guests are in need of support.

Requesting a home check

To let Waverley know that your guests are on the way – so that you can organise a homecheck / DBS checks etc, you need to send an e-mail to ukraine@waverley.gov.uk. They are working through the emails as quickly as they can but have requested that we don’t send follow up emails. They will get in touch to arrange a […]

Homechecks and DBS

Waverley has confirmed that there is no need for Homechecks or DBS checks to be performed before your guests arrive. These may follow shortly after your guests get here. E-mail ukraine@waverley.gov.uk to confirm their arrival dates #council