How we work

The Host form is for potential hosts to register interest. The Guest arrival form is to tell of a guest in the area

Support for Ukrainians in Godalming

Our Facebook community will support hosts and guests wherever possible.

The cellar café is managing a fund to support Ukrainians with their needs. Either visit or contact us to find out more

If you would like to find out more about helping, mail us. Please tell us what you would like to help with.


For more information on becoming a host, and the administration around this, see our hosting page.


We work with the Sunflower Sisters for most of our matching. A small number of people approach us directly and people already in the area refer their friends. 

If we cannot immediately meet the needs of those we are asked to host, we will place the details on our Facebook page asking if others wish to step forward and support the guest.

See the hosting page for details of the whole hosting journey from offering your room to getting your guests settled.

For more information look on our resources page

Contact Us

To offer support, contact us at:

For general questions or anything else, please e-mail:

Our Sponsors

Godalming 4 Ukraine are grateful to our sponsors

Marshall’s Solicitors – Support for our language courses

Godalming Baptist Church – Providing accommodation for our language courses

Charterhouse School – Providing our Garden Party

King’s Church – providing flights for guests

Busbridge and Hambledon Church – Provided support to newly-arrived guests

Vodafone – SIM card provision